Connection Crown Chakra Bracelet


Connection Crown Chakra Healing Gemstone Aromatherapy Bracelet

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Lava Bead Crown Chakra Aromatherapy Bracelet

The seventh chakra vibrates the color violet or white. The crown chakra is balanced when one is aware of their spiritual connection and has an intimate relationship with the Divine. There is open-mindedness and the ability to analyze information. Wisdom and mastery are also traits of one who has a balanced crown chakra.

When the crown chakra is unbalanced it can manifest as a closed mind, rigid beliefs, learning difficulties, confusion, and disconnection from spirit.
The stones in these pieces have been chosen to create a unique synergistic blend to support and balance this chakra.

Lava Stone is a stone of protection and strength. Lava Stone provides stability in times of change. It often helps to dissipate anger and provide guidance and understanding. A very grounding stone, black Lava strengthens our connection to Mother Earth. Its energy is good for our Root or base chakra, and contains the fire of the Kundalini. Natural lava rock beads include naturally-formed voids and irregular surfaces, with helps to hold Aromatherapy Oils.

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