Boho Leather Choker


Boho Dark Brown Suede Leather Choker Necklace



Boho Dark Brown Suede Leather Choker Necklace With Magnesite, Howlite and leaf Charms

Magnesite is a wonderful relaxing and calming stone to use in meditation. It has the potential to aid you to create quite amazing changes in your life.

It is a strong stone for creative visualization and imagination, and it will aid the development of psychic visions of exceptional clarity.It has a soothing vibration, and if you meditate with it, and specifically tune into the energy of your heart it will allow your mind to respond to the desires of the heart.

This aids you to live your life in alignment with your hearts needs and aspirations. Its vibration may help you to love yourself, and this will in most of you, increase your level of self esteem.

Howlite is a calming stone helping to relieve rage by absorbing the negative vibrations. It can aid in insomnia caused by over active mind. It also helps to overcome selfishness and criticalness. Howlite aides in meditation connecting you with your higher consciousness and access past lives.

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