Golden Calcite Earrings


Reiki Infused Golden Calcite Earrings

2.25 L x 1/2″W


Golden Calcite Earrings

Golden Calcite is excellent for meditation and attuning to the higher mental planes. It instills mental alertness while it grounds the higher mental energies to the physical realm. Placed on the Solar Plexus chakra gold calcite will help your digestive system, diaphragm and skin. Gold calcite will help you relax but it will also give you energy to move forward with your life while stimulating your will and uplifts you. It helps with meditation and inducing a deep state of relaxation and opens you to spiritual guidance. Gold calcite helps to open the higher mind.

These beautiful earrings  are handcrafted of Golden Calcite and Crystal with Stainless hooks.


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Solar Plexus
Third Eye