Reiki Emotional Symbol Painting


Sei Hei Ki Reiki Mental/Emotional Symbol Canvas Painting

16" x 20" Canvas Painting


Sei Hei Ki Reiki Mental/Emotional Symbol Canvas Painting

This symbol acts on a person’s conscious mind (the mental body) and subconscious mind (emotional body), and is used primarily for emotional and mental healing, clearing, purification, protection and balancing. Sometimes it’s also called the Protection Symbol, because of the role it plays in providing protection.
Most of our ailments are caused by mental and emotional imbalance in our bodies. The use of the emotional healing symbol helps in bringing the problem to the surface and liberates emotional and mental issues that cause the problem. This symbol also aids in balancing the left and right side of the brain and promotes peace and harmony. It can be used to draw gentle and subtle energies required to ease the feelings of sorrow or suffering.

Great Addition to any Healing Practice or Space

16×20 Canvas

Clear Satin Acrylic Protector applied to prevent deterioration over time from heat and humidity.