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Love Heart Chakra Healing Candles


Love Heart Chakra Candles

Green is associated with the Heart Chakra or Anahata Chakra. This Chakra is the center of our emotional being. Emotions are powerful expressions in the human experience that can consume our thinking and our energies. Your ability to give and receive love from yourself, others and the Universe is held in your Heart Chakra. Past pain, loss and regret can cause your Heart Chakra to close. Forgiveness of yourself and others is the key to opening your Heart Chakra back up. The heart chakra allows us to transform negative emotions into positive ones. The scents of Rose, Jasmine, Frankincense, and Sandalwood all open the heart chakra and allow the healing process to begin. Use chakra candles to bring greater focus to your energy healing work, during meditation or to just create a relaxing environment. Cleanse and balance the chakras often to promote wellness in body, mind and spirit.

All Candles are handmade in the U.S.A. We use only top quality ingredients and they are Infused with Reiki and intention before shipping


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