Silky Clay Soap


All Natural Smooth And Silky Clay Soap


6 oz. Bar


All Natural Smooth Silky Clay Soap

Clay soaps are silky and exotic. This soap is made with excellent quality bentonite clay, a wonderful addition to soap. Bentonite clay comes from volcanic ash, and the largest known deposit of this clay is located near Fort Benton, Wyomin. This is a very unique clay because it produces and electric charge when added to water. When it holds a small electrical charge, it can absorb toxins and impurities. That’s one reason why it’s such an outstanding soap.

Soap with kaolin will help to clean the problem skin from contaminants and give it a healthy appearance. Kaolin absorbs all harmful substances from the skin and helps to eliminate acne. Not only does the lather feel silky smooth but it also eliminates blemishes and keeps your skin soft. White clay is great for tightening pores, which helps to deter dirt and prevent the growth of imperfections. It can also improve your skin tone, blood circulation and help to reduce swelling and inflammation. Each bar is made by hand using sustainably sourced ingredients with absolutely zero harsh chemicals or nasty synthetic fragrances.